About WHITEvoid

WHITEvoid operates at the interface of art, design and technology. WHITEvoid is comprised of specialists in interaction design, media design, product design, interior architecture and electronic engineering. WHITEvoid creates interactive installations and products for museums, exhibitions, trade fairs, festivals, events, concerts and clubs. 

About Audio Obscura

Audio Obscura is a platform, a movement, a wave, born out of love for underground electronic music. Audio Obscura reshapes the landscape of electronic music by bringing the legends of tomorrow to the most iconic historical venues of the world.

Audio Obscura have hosted parties in venues ranging from Amsterdam’s train station to the national museum and Amsterdam’s majestic concert hall over the years, gaining a reputation for putting on events in the city’s most unusual spaces. Always attracting some of the most exciting and popular names in the scene, they have quickly grown to become a major force.

About Westergas

Westergas is a real Amsterdam, lively cultural village for culture in all its forms, where historical value and innovative ideas come together. A unique destination for local and international visitors, with its own character. Always open to everything and everyone and built on Amsterdam principles of freedom, diversity and creativity.